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Products For Professionals

CamboLab is proud to have received the trust and loyalty of countless customers. That’s because the products are formulated with the highest quality raw materials and the latest technologies to meet the highest industry standards. We have worked really hard to provide profitability and sustainability to the every industry we serve.

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For Commercial Laundry

Free Chemicals Dispenser

Formulated using advanced technology and highest quality raw materials to provide the most cost-effective yet uncompromising quality to commercial laundries. The 6 types of chemicals are designed to be used with automatic dispensers to produce clean and bright fabrics.

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Housekeeping Products

Free Dilution Dispenser

Especially used in Hospitality Industries such as Hotels and Restaurants, our Housekeeping product range is designed to be professionally used by Automatic Dilution Dispensers to provide accurate and high quality solutions for cleaning.

Products for Kitchen

Top-Of-The-Class Quality

We manufacture and distribute a wide range of products to solve every problem in professional kitchens. Ranging from Automatic Dishwashing Detergents to Kitchen Sanitizer for food safety, each product comes with international standards and verified MSDS. 

Dish Washer

Products for Pools

Cost-effective solution

CamboLab provides solutions to businesses as well as end-consumer in water treatment industry such as swimming pools. The products ranges from TCCA 90%, and Soda Ash to Pool Algaecide.

Poolside Hotel
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