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ប្រកូឡាតាកំប៉ោង (ប្រេងកូឡា ស)

Ta Kampoang Balm and Medicated oil is manufactured with the highest standard of traditional spices and oils to bring the most effective aroma-therapeutic benefits of the ingredients. The production process is performed by sophisticated machines and experts with years of experience to bring the best quality product to the market.

Ta Kampaong Balm

ពណ៌: ក្រមួនស
  • បន្ធូរការចុករោយសាច់ដុំ កែពិសសត្វទិចខាំ បំបាត់ការឈឺក្បាល​ វិលមុខ ឈឺពោះ និងតឹងច្រមុះ កែគ្រេច ថ្លស់ ចុក។

    Relieves muscular aches and pain. Sooth insects bites. Relief headache, dizzeness, stomachache, nasal congestion. Relax back, joint, neck, and shoulder tention. 

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